Wednesday, August 11, 2010

oooh books!

I am on a reading spree.  My BFF (I may be 35 but I can still call her my BFF - she's been my friend since I was 13!) sent me a box full of books.  Great books.  Amazing books.

I got her hooked on Hunger Games - so she bought me Catching Fire (yes it's finally close enough to Mockinjay's release that I can read it!), Linger (yay!!), Vampire Diaries and more Vampire Diaries, Darkfever, Hush Hush - oh there are more but I can't remember them all. 

This was one of the coolest gifts I've received in a long time.  Can you give a better gift than a book that someone falls in love with?  That escape, those characters - they are with us forever. 

Speaking of books - in which a girl reads is having a HUGE contest - in fact it's called the Very Humongous Blogoversary Contest.  Check it out.  Definitely check it out!  Fall in love - she has a very humongous group of terrific books to choose from if you are a winner.