Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, it's true

I write. I write a lot. I've been writing short stories, poems, lyrics, novels since I can remember. I've shared my writing with very few people as I went along life. I dreamed of being a published author someday but never allowed myself to truly hope.

Here I am now, in my 30s and I am letting people read my writing. I found an amzing group of writers that have really helped me feel more comfortable sharing my writing and admitting out loud to the world that I am a writer.



I have two completed young Adult manuscripts. I have three other works in progress and a plan for a novel that I'm going to do for National Novel Writers Month - I'm planning on writing another novel in the month of November. Crazy, I know.

I'm hoping to share my journey here as I learn to step out and share with the world that I write.

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