Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out in the world...

This has been a crazy month.  As you can see, I haven't managed to be very successful at blogging regularly.  I'm okay with that since I'm not putting extra pressure on myself.

I've started the query process, but as I'm learning - I query like a blog.  S-l-o-w-l-y!  I seem to be on a one submission every other week time frame.   This works out well for me because I'm really spending time researching the agents.  I think I'm on the right track...

As for writing - I have had SNIs invade my life the last couple of weeks.  I won't complain - but it is definitely challenging to find enough time to do all the writing I'm inspired to do.  I have a MG skeeery ghost book that has a word count of about a 7K with most of the book thought out (yes, I'm still a pantser - but this one came at me fully fleshed out), and then Tuesday I had a SNI hit me harder than any other - EVER.  I wrote 10K words on Tuesday and then yesterday I actually sat down to make notes so that I wouldn't forget all the ideas screaming through me for it.  I settled in to write another 2K - and hope to double that today.  This SNI is a contemp YA - I love it. 

In other news - the kids are back to school - well - at least Big and Middle are... Little doesn't start until next week.  I wish I could say that this means I'll have 3 mornings off a week - but I've chosen to work while she's at school.  The stress that's removed by paying bills definitely outweighs the extra quiet time.  Did I just say that?  That seems rather grown-up of me.  Must be a fluke. 

In my to be read pile:  Mockingjay, The DUFF, Hush Hush, Silver Phoenix, You Wish... I don't remember the rest... I love books.

I want to wish fellow AWer Emilia a Happy Blogiversary.  Check her out - and don't miss her Punkiversary Giveaway of Life-Changing Proportions Contest... last day to enter is today! It is so full of amazing things you'll be happy just looking at all the prizes.  Don't forget to check out the rest of her blog.   She's funny - adorable and mega talented - plus - you'll get to say "Oh, I found her way back before she was this mega-famous author." 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck querying.

I enjoyed Silver Phoenix, and I can't wait to read The DUFF.