Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My knight in shining armor... or a brown truck..

I almost kissed a perfect stranger today. 

He showed up on his white horse (well, I guess a brown horse - a big boxy brown horse) and stepped out onto the grassy plain. 

"For Heather?" His strong voice questioned.  He had kind eyes, and I melted as he turned them in my direction.  His brown sun hat matched the milk chocolately hue of brown of his jacket and pants.

"That's me!" I yelped with joy as I ran the final feet that divided us.

"Can you sign here?" He handed me a small box, and pointed to the box where I was to sign.

I hesitated for a moment.  Is he asking for my phone number?  Could he be interested?  No, I thought to myself, I must just sign my name and let him go back into the wiley desert from where he came.  "Thank you, Heather."  As he repeated my name, I felt the heat rise into my cheeks as I blushed.  "This is for you then.  Have a great day."

He paused for just a moment.  Just enough for my arms to flinch as they yearned to fling themselves around his neck.   Instead, I held the box to me closely.  I knew what the contents held and the immense change it would bring to my life.  Or well, the life it would bring.

He climbed back onto his iron steed and maneuvered back down the long driveway.  As he turned to continue his journey, he tipped his hat to me and waved.  I just nodded my head and watched him drive off into the distance. 

Then I hightailed it into the house and ripped the cardboard apart to get to the power adapter, frantically found an outlet, plugged that puppy into my laptop and squealed with joy as the lights jumped and frolicked back to life. 

Ahhh... I can write again!


J.S. Wood said...

Bwahaha. Congrats on the power adaptor :-)

Becca said...

LMFAO! You crazy girl! :P

Véro said...

LOL!!! Love it!