Friday, December 18, 2009

The Night Before Christmas....

Thanks to our kind friend who will be staying with our diabetic kitty, we are going away for Christmas this year.  That said, we had to ask Santa to come early to bring his gifts for the girls.  He kindly obliged when we saw him at the local mall.

Tonight for all intents and purposes is our Christmas Eve.  This means tonight we shall cuddle up in bed with the big down comforter (yes, they start out in our bed on Xmas Eve) and we read and read and read Christmas stories until the little ones can't keep their eyes open any longer. 

On our list:  The Night Before Christmas - Clement C Moore
Polar Express - Chris Van Allsburg
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss
Mooseltoe - Margie Palatini
Santa's Favorite Story - Hisako Aoki

We also read whatever else we have around that's age appropriate (Junie B Jones and Judy Moody are favorites right now).

The kids usually don't make it through all of them but they love it, due to the unfortunate timing of my husbands Christmas party, our "christmas eve" had to be cut short and when I asked them which part they wanted to keep... "Mom, we have to read the books!!"

Do you have special books that are part of your Christmas?


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