Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing for Dummies

My muse just up and went.  Left.  Gone.  Hit the Road. 

I think we dun broke up. Surely she would have left a note right?  Something?

I'm not sure whether to submit a missing "persons" report or just wait it out.  I know she'll come back.  Right?

I pick up my laptop and just look at the screen. It's kind of pathetic.

I spend hours listening to the music we used to write to. Sometimes, I go back and torture myself and read what we wrote when we were still together. 

I'm so desperate I went down into the dark alleyways to get help.  Writing prompts and spew writing (ya know, where you just write to write in hopes that at some point the words will work themselves into something worth reading?).  I know, I know.  Amateur.  I just needed a fix.  Something to get me through until she comes back.

So far, no muse.  She hasn't even called.  

I'm left questioning myself and my past.  Was what we had even real at all?   

Told ya.  Pathetic.

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