Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tax Deductions

I'm getting my 2009 tax information together and I'm thinking of all the things I wish I could use as a tax deduction from my writing "job".

Okay - this is a joke in and of itself since in order to reference it as a job I would need to have earned income from it, but still, I'm a dreamer.

So things I would like to declare on my 2009 taxes IF I was a paid writer:

$36.29  in Itunes purchases for inspirational playlists
$26.03 Ibuprofen liqui-gels
$158.08 Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino's for those "mornings after"
$159.00  New printer that doesn't go through ink like a bad meth habit
$92.00  Ink for meth-addict printer before I went Office Space on it
$14.95  Ink for new printer with mild aspirin habit
$42.00  Paper for printing rough drafts
$2.99  Box of preferred pens for editing
$540.00  Year of internet service for research, access to Itunes, and AW
$125.86  Wine (aka - cheap drunk)
$24.99  Bottle of good tequila (aka - writers block)
$44.85  Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie tickets
$NOT GONNA PUT IT HERE.00 Jonas Brothers concert tickets (research people, research)
$366.00  Take out for nights I'm too busy writing to figure out dinner

Yeah... writing is fun!


SJL~ said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!! Wouldn't that be awesome to deduct all that?!

Marilyn Almodovar said...

LOL this just killed me. If you manage to do that; let me know!!! I want to deduct a few things on the same category as yours LOL

Laura McMeeking said...

How did I not know you had a blog? Yeah, I'm a dumbass. But, this is a freakin' brilliant post! I wish I could get away with that too!!