Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taffy Stuck and Tongue Tied

It's starting again.  I'm pretty sure my brain likes to sabotage me.   I WANT to edit and revise Normal, I really do.  I believe in it and would like to subject it to the knowing betas for advice and assistance. 

I will query for agent representation for it.

In the meantime, when I should be editing and getting it ready for betas, I keep having these new book ideas hit me.  I mean wake me from deep sleep several nights in a row because I'm ignoring them. 

I spent two days making notes, writing dialogue, character descriptions, plotting and researching idea #1.  I gave myself that time justifying that I needed to get as much of my inspiration down on paper while the feeling was with me, and that I'd just jump right back into editing.

Then shiny new idea #2 hit.  I ignored it.  SNI #2 came after me with a baseball bat.  I hid in the closet with a flashlight and held my editing pencil tight (and wrote bad poetry apparently) while I forced myself through more pages.  SNI#2 came after me with a scythe.  I ran screaming outside in slow motion, flailing my arms and screaming for help but SNI#2 chased after me. 

I tripped I fell and SNI#2 stood over me with a menacing smile.  I held up my hands and begged, "I'll do it, just stop chasing me." then rolled onto my side in tears.  SNI#2 laughed a maniacal BWAH HA HA HA.

I spent two days planning SNI#2.

They are rather pushy, violent little things.  I can't wait to get to know them better.

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