Friday, May 28, 2010

Around, around, around the sun...

I'm sitting in a room where Elmo's World is on the TV but there are no children.  I'm too lazy to reach two feet in front of me to get the remote and change the channel.

Don't judge me.

My oldest daughter asked me what my favorite color was.  I realized I no longer have easy answers for just about anything.  It used to be yellow.  Now my favorite color is the vibrant green of leaves with sun shining on them set against the clear deep blue hue of the sky with splashes of white from both white, puffy clouds and branches of white birch trees. 

I don't mean this in a poetic way, or even in a cleverly crafted purple prose (MUST SLASH ADJECTIVES!!) kind of way.  It's just that I don't find any of those colors enough on their own.  Put them together and TA-DA gorgeous. 

More questions that I don't have easy answers for - but should?  What is your favorite song?  What is your favorite move? book? TV show? kid?

All of these things are difficult to answer for the same reason.  It just depends. 

It depends on my mood, it depends on when I first heard it, it depends on what memories I have attached... it depends.  See.

The same can be said about my writing and editing.

I need to just finish editing NORMAL and get betas final opinions on it (so far my betas have helped tremendously and I love, love, love them all!).  Every time I sit down to edit NORMAL it changes.  I know that's the point of editing, but I mean the focus, the voice, the feel and flow of things.  It all depends on my mood, music I'm listening to, how tired I am...    I think the more I edit the farther I get from the end. 

Oh and just in case you are wondering?  There was no point to this post.  Just lots of randomness. 

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Lydia Kang said...

We all need to be random sometimes!
Hey, my favorite color is green too, but it's the lighter green of new leaves.
Have a great weekend!