Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Sunny Days, everythings A-OK!"

Can you believe it???  The amazing Lydia Kang gave me a blog award! And my favorite kind of award - involving sunny things and flowers.  * I'm going to pass this along to my buddies at the GotYA blog - because it involves many of the women who inspire my writing - daily.  Oh - and cuz I won an awesome contest on there.  And they rock.  * Nicole Thomas who has been incredibly helpful with all things writing.  * Bridget at Bake at 350 which always makes me smile!  * I love the blog at Notes from the Cookie Jar  *  Also Vero's blog - because it's one of the coolest I've seen in a long time...

I also received a blog award from Nicole Ducleroir - who has a gorgeous, fun, touching blog that you need to check out too!  I'm going to pass this along to some of my other favorite blogs to read...
*Becca Rogers blog is terrific - she had beautiful teasers - and a daisy!!
*Deb's blog - besides the fact her graphics make me smile, her posts make me literally laugh out loud most of the time. 
*Amanda Plavich's blog is adorable and beautiful - plus if you dig hard enough you get to her photography site which is as wonderful as her writing. 
* Amy Bai - just read it - worth every second!
*OK - I also want to throw two of my favorite writer's of all time on here... Barbara Kingsolver because her books saved me a long time ago and her site is full of her.  And that is lovely. "The writing of fiction is a dance between truth and invention." 
*And then there is SARK.  Because I am a succulent, wild woman - and because her site is fun and informative and bright and colorful.  Just like her.  And a little bit like me. 


DL Hammons said...

Congrats on your awards Heather! And the bloggers who passed them on really know what they're talking about!! Better start building the trophy case now. :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Congrats on your awards! This is the first I've seen A is for Awesome.