Monday, May 17, 2010

My heart... in paper....

We had a semi-successful yard sale this weekend.  I mention this only because two things happened as a direct result.  The first - I once again realized why I dis-like holding yard sales.  I sold my three year old leather, glider/recliner for $17.   That's one.

The second is infinitely more important.  I found my box of books.  THE box of books. 

Let's back up a bit.  My father is the kind of man that loves books - he's the reason I'm such a voracious reader. He keeps his books forever.  He has walls of books at his house.  All organized according to author and almost all are in hardback.  Lots of books.  Most of which have only been read once by him or twice if I got my paws on 'em.  This leads me to another fun fact about my dad.  Do not borrow a book unless you will return it to him.  Otherwise you will forever be in the book jail.  I don't borrow books anymore unless I'm not leaving his house with it - and even then I point out when I leave exactly where I am leaving the book so that he knows I'm not shoving it in a suitcase to take home. 

This gene is also deeply embedded in me.  I don't have the funds that he does to purchase books, but when I do, I have a habit of holding on to them.  In my defense, I am a re-reader though, I can read a book 2-3 okay 4-5 times (or 20 something if it's Austen or a Bronte). 

Moving 7 times in 4 years broke me of this habit.  I admit one of the hardest things for me to let go on our moves were my books.  I imagine them in new happy homes, being read and enjoyed by a happy reader curled up on their couch and treated lovingly.

Yes.  I might need a life. 

That aside, there are some books I just couldn't part with.  When we moved from Arizona to Maine I allowed myself one large Rubbermaid container of books.  They went from moving truck to storage units to storage unit..etc... until finally I have another place where I shelf space for my precious.  In fact - I have a great built in bookcase! 

To make this long story longer - emptying our storage shed I found the box.  I opened it and went through it the same way I do the little storage boxes with my children's baby clothes and mementos.  I've had some of these books longer than the kids!

In the box were a few I'm okay with letting go now, but mostly, books I cherish remain. 

What books would you have in your box?


Krista Ashe said...

I know how you feel about yard sales, lol. I love going to them, but actually doing them is a pain in the ass. We had a neighborhood one this weekend, and I so wanted to drag some stuff out, but I didn't.

And yes, books are my thing....when my dad passed away, his books were one of the main things I kept. Sure, he had some antique ones; he was really into the Civil War, so I stil have the Rosters of the Confederacy....sighs. And my Grammy is like your dad with the whole keeping them and "Have you brought that book you borrowed back yet?" LOL

Anonymous said...

Recently I gave away and donated many books. Some were ones that I thought I would reread, but the fact is that there are so many books on my wish list that I don't have time to reread old books. There are only a few books that I'm interested in reading again.

I do have a few dozen books that I don't want to part away with, though. I keep them in crates.

Holen said...

I'm a re-reader. I've still got books from my childhood - Swiss Family Robinson, All Creatures Great and Small, and Murder on the Orient Express (my Agatha Christie habit started around 5th grade.)