Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recharge the brain...

So - I took a day off and recharged.  Not from NaNo burn out but just life burn out.  Something had to give and so I didn't add anything.

They funny thing is - I couldn't get the story off my mind.  My dreams were filled from the characters from both books and they were fighting for attention.  This morning I woke up and could not stop writing.  It's a little stressful since I have all of this ground to cover in BITE ME - but I'm not able to really get the editing for NORMAL out of my head.  I think this where it would be nice to have a clone.  Although - I'm pretty sure I'd set my clone on other things - like laundry, dishes, cleaning... and keep the writing parts to myself. 

So, what I'm learning about Leigh in BITE ME is that she is much more fun that I thought.  I assumed I would struggle with keeping her from being too big of a brat, since her main life struggles until this point primarily include feeling like a misfit and a significant dose of sibling rivalry but I have found that she is snarky and although has a tinge of brat, it is entwined with a sarcastic sense of humor that is so much fun!  I think I love her.  I'm also drawn more to her sister Natalie than Sophia - which I didn't anticipate either. 

I had a whole scene carefully laid out since I was trying hard to avoid the verbal dump of information when Leigh finds out she's a vampire.  In the middle, Natalie just jumped in, tired of drama and laid it all out there for Leigh.  I sat back after I was done and said, "whoa - that wasn't the way that was supposed to go down." 

Just who is driving this bus?  

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